Who We Are

The CannaClean brand was created in 2017 to provide a new, safer and more transparent way to clean and take care of your piece. Why did we want to make a safer and more transparent cleaning product? Well, most of the products on the market today that are designed for cleaning bongs, pipes and other cannabis or tobacco devices are actually bad for you and the companies making those products do not want you to know that. Almost all of the major cleaning products on the market today do not make their Safety Data Sheets readily accessible to their customers.

This is a problem for a couple reasons; first, most companies with glass cleaning products on the market do not want the consumer to know what their product is made of because you probably would not buy it if you did know. Second, if you were to have an accident with one of these cleaning products, the information on how to properly treat an injury is not readily available. CannaClean wants to be different by being completely transparent with what our products are made up of, even down to explaining where these raw ingredients are sourced from and how they are produced. Why would you risk cleaning your $1000 glass piece with a cleaner that you have no idea what is in it?

CannaClean promises to bring you new, safe and innovative products to help you keep your most prized piece looking clean, functioning flawlessly and your home looking and smelling great. CannaClean products; we provide the safest, most sustainable, effective cleaning and odor control solutions available.